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By now, the masks covering our faces not only protect, but  begin to hide features of simpler times. The memories of normality feel distant — and the slow return to regular life, the one that once pretended to move so flawlessly, seems even further out of reach.

As these blurred days search for clarity, we recognize flaws in our leaders, nations and even our own. And as we look deep inside ourselves in order to change, learn and plan for tomorrow; we find a strength, a force, and dreams previously brushed to the corner.

It's with this discovery that we rolled up our sleeves, pulled out cans of paint and worked non-stop to bring you our version of a flower shop - one where there is no steering wheel, tires or parking regulations, but where the spirit of our flower truck navigates through every square foot.

Today, we can only strive to be a waving hand through these trembling winds as together we find the strength to fasten our seatbelts, breathe and take off to a new unknown journey - crisp fresh air, beautiful flora.

Love and take care of one another.
Nemuel + Team LENITA


Lenita Flower Shop in Santa Monica
We’re thrilled to share the news of our first retail shop!

Stop And Smell The Flores at LENITA Santa Monica

Thursday & Friday
10 AM — 3 PM

Saturday & Sunday
9 AM — 4 PM

1242 20th St., Unit E
Santa Monica, CA 90404



We’re halfway through 2020 and we can't decide, so far, if this complex year has dragged us through the gravel or flown faster than the wind. Regardless of what conclusion we reach in the next six months; we're feeling bruised.

And these bruises are deeper than just the blood under our skin. This red body fluid that we all share regardless of who we are, for some pours unfairly because of the color of their skin. The oxygen that we all need to keep our vital organs and blood flowing, Black souls fear will be taken from them while simply trying to breathe.

The glass of justice is beyond half empty - it's cracked, dirty and has been sitting for too long on the dinner table of the privileged. But when we observe the glass half full, we find a generation shouting so loud, so proud, generating a wave so strong to shatter this glass until it breaks - it’s time for brand new glass.

We stand with Black folx and fight for a new table setting, filled with leaders that celebrate, respect and protect diversity - their beautiful lives matter.

Say their names! ︎︎︎
Nemuel + Team LENITA



We’re living in the era of sharing. A simple click and a few GIFs later; we’ve shared with the world everything from our breakfast to a timely meme. But even with all of this sharing, are we including truth?

My truth and yours might be extremely different, but what remains the same is our vulnerability. To acknowledge that we’re scared of tomorrow, that we need help, that we work tirelessly yet feel like it's not enough, that we doubt what we’re doing but still wake up in the morning with our heavy dreams and hopeful eyes, yearning for steady feet.

We don’t often share our failures, losses and flaws. Our extra pounds and pimples are filtered away, our struggles get a bunny face and the calluses gained along the way are only felt by the few who shake our hand.

Sometimes, when we stop to smell the flores, while enjoying their beauty, we must also give them fresh water for longevity. We hope you continue to stay with LENITA, because we’re thirsty for new waters.

Be well, be kind, and share love,
Nemuel + Team LENITA