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We all know the feeling of return. A taste bringing us back to an exact place, a song moving us in strange ways, things reminding us of people we love or ones we thought we'd forgotten. Sometimes it feels like we're constantly passing through revolving doors of memories, immediately taking us to common ground or picking up exactly where we left off.

As comfortable and cozy as these familiar places might feel, nostalgia is short lived and the wind generated by moments rushing past transports us right back to the present reality. A complex place with no instructions; where getting by is crucial to our survival and planning for tomorrow gives us as much fuel and hope as the next sunrise.

On hiatus, the continuous work of carving proof of our existence got quieter, but not muted. Plans for the now and tomorrow revised, but not cancelled. And just like gardens go through seasons, we repeat our exit through several doors to bloom over and over again, anticipating our experiences will help the return to richer soil; a steady memory of Spring.

See you back on the streets!

Love, Nemuel

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To celebrate Plant PPL’s first year, The Los Angeles Times asked 20 of the interviewees for their best plant care advice and gardening tips. We're thrilled to be included!

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By Micah Fluellen and Claire Reid



I look forward to August very much. LENITA gets a summer break, as the fading of the summer season urges the rush of all hot activities to fruition. It’s also the month where my twin brother and I make another full circle around the sun. And this year, my twin nephews Benjamin and Blake will be completing their first — life at full circle.

This beautiful cycle, although sometimes rigid, can shape its occurrences. One can find themselves cutting the cake yet again and asking themselves where did the time go? Has anything changed or gotten accomplished, or have I stood still for an entire year? Literally speaking, we all recently watched life come to a pause against our will; with many lessons learned, habits changed and hopefully a new grace with stillness.

One of the lessons I've learned is the power of pausing. To realize that your to do list must include time with your loved ones, a book, or simply yourself. I have to admit that chasing success is exhausting, that running a business is an infinite task, a constant blur. But in order to keep doing what we love, we must stop for fuel, take a break, and make time to indulge the heat of noon, the scent of flores.

Have a safe summer and see you in September.

Love, Nemuel

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