To help us commemorate Valentine's Day, we invited Edgar Torres, a graphic designer from Long Beach, to curate a playlist that represents his idea of love. With each track, Edgar transports us to nights at an after hours club in New York City, bringing forth the unique passion only found on a dance floor.

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Our Valentine this year, P.F. Candle Co, was founded in 2008 by two lovebirds themselves; Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger. Their entire P.F. collection is vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free with the goal to always celebrate sunny California. And they’re made right here in LA!

Valentine’s Day at P.F. Candle Co.
Tuesday, February 14th
11 AM — 4 PM
2205 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Kelly Clarkson, The Rookie
LENITA was seen onscreen alongside Kelly Clarkson on ABC’s The Rookie, season 5, episode 12.

Kelly Clarkson ︎︎︎
The Rookie ︎︎︎


LA Unscripted, LENITA flower truck
We chatted with Dayna Devon from L.A. Unscripted: a daily broadcast focused on discovering people, places, and personalities in a whole new way.

View the segment at KTLA5 ︎︎︎

L.A. Unscripted ︎︎︎
Dayna Devon ︎︎︎

2022 ︎ 2022 ︎ 2022 ︎ 2022 ︎ 2022 ︎ 2022 ︎ 2022 ︎ 2022 ︎ 2022 ︎ 2022 ︎ 2022 ︎ 2022 ︎ 


If I were to consider each calendar year as a highway, 2022 might as well be a tunnel. In this underpass, every aspect of my work and personal life became dull. The dimmed lights put in place to guide me and all of us when we weren’t strong enough, made me grasp the steering wheel firmer and, at times, simply hold on.

Holding on is a confusing state of being, questioning not only your strength, but also the road you’re on. Wondering if an alternative route was a better path, or if its best to just to exit at the next curve. The curves of this tunnel made me realize that sometimes when you’re feeling numb, you’re forced to be open hearted and learn that without these turns its impossible to determine a safe speed, or prepare for the next bump.

Eyes ahead, I begin to see a light crawling through, brightening all it touches and helping me see better, readjust and regain control. This light not only marks the exiting of a tunnel, but hints at the fresh breeze and scenery yet to come. The road widens and traffic signs become clearer as we choose to glide pass the exit signs and simply keep moving; there is a rest area down the road.

Have a shining new year and thank you for being on this journey with LENITA.

Beijos and see you in 2023!

Photo by Alex Bohs ︎︎︎
Edited by Lo Story Moon ︎︎︎


As we cheer along the soccer games from the World Cup, make a note to grab a complimentary bumper sticker next time you visit the flower truck.

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Kilo is a soccer fanatic year around. His wardrobe consists of many hats and soccer jerseys from teams all over the world. When it came time to design our Copa Caps, we joined forces to capture the spirit of Brazil and celebrate our home country’s five wins.

Because he is a world cup attendee (in both Brazil in 2014 and Russia in 2018), there is no one better we know who experienced the feeling of a crowded stadium cheering on their nation, waiting in the bleachers for the sound of a goal.

Made in small batches by the hands of a family-owned and operated shop in São Paulo, our LENITA x GOIABA Copa hats extend the celebration to our people and beyond. Made by Brazilians for everyone who loves soccer, and loves Brasil.

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Growing up in Brazil gives the FIFA World Cup a different meaning. Every four years, soccer fanatics pause their livelihoods to watch every match, and folks like me who are not normally obsessed; turn into mega fans.

There is something special about watching the national team dressed in verde, amarelo, azul e branco hungry for another title, while the nation is even hungrier. Neighborhoods become festive, bars overflow into the streets, every television set tunes into one channel and the country comes to full-stop dreaming of hexa.

For 90 minutes, a nation so divided by politics and social class manages to put issues aside and together root for one goal. And in this complex year where the most beautiful game comes with several red cards, celebrating turns into awareness as change is the main trophy we're rooting for.


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2021 ︎ 2021 ︎ 2021 ︎ 2021 ︎ 2021 ︎ 2021 ︎ 2021 ︎ 2021 ︎ 2021 ︎ 2021 ︎ 2021 ︎ 2021 ︎ 


The journey through 2021 has left us with motion sickness. The word normal struggles to find its comfort again as we continue to learn to rest in discomfort as the world relearns how to spin.

When midnight arrives and 2021 is behind us, what will we have learned? In my own personal year, for every thing that went right, three seemed to go wrong. One door would open and several seemed to close. I believed in bigger things and somehow stood microscopically still.

Giving ourselves credit for where we stand in life is extremely difficult. Part of not drowning in discomfort is being able to come up for fresh air. To be able to look at the one thing that did go right, and celebrate. To pat yourself on the back for generating willpower to still be standing. To believe that the best is yet to come.

And as I sit with the light and heavy receipts of this ending year, I've learned that sitting is ok — that even though our legs haven't been in constant movement, they’re preparing to sprint.

Thank you for standing with LENITA, and have a healthy new year!

Love, Nemuel

Photo by Alex Bohs 


LENITA Flower Truck celebrates a century of flores at The Original Los Angeles Flower Market.

At each new twilight
We change the spotlight

Farmers and growers
Vendors to florists

Individuals united in symphony
Birthing a harmony of beauty

A centennial pattern in constant movement
Celebrating earth’s brightest gift

Where every stage of life is adored and cultures unite
For one performance, where all flores shine

Los Angeles
100 years of color
Home of The Original Los Angeles Flower Market
And home of LENITA



Being able to recall moments from 10 or 20 years ago might be the strangest part of getting older to me thus far. At 33 years of age, I’ve lived just long enough to have this minor luxury. But as our bodies decay each day as our minds get wiser, luxury itself seems further removed from the meaning of existing.

The Original Los Angeles Flower Market (OLAFM) knows a thing or two about aging gracefully. Founded by the American Florists’ Exchange in 1919 and officially incorporated in 1921, this iconic LA institution has lived several seasons. At 100 years old, it's the beating heart of what is now the largest flower district in the United States.

For a century its doors have continued to nourish the floral community and welcome flower enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Within its walls, you can find beauty consuming every square foot; far beyond the blooms — to its people. Hard working hands carrying the torch from previous generations, coloring the now, and inspiring the many Springs to come.

Happy Holidays and cheers to 100 years of flores!

Learn about our OLAFM Collab ︎︎︎
Visit the flower truck ︎︎︎



We invite you to join us early in the morning at The Original Los Angeles Flower Market to meet the vendors that give the market life and the flowers that give it color.

LENITA will be setting up a pop-up shop inside the market featuring our collab t-shirts and merchandise.

Saturday, December 4th
7:00 am - 12:00 pm
754 Wall St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Public Admission: $1
Parking, admission and further info ︎︎︎

2020 ︎ 2020 ︎ 2020 ︎ 2020 ︎ 2020︎ 2020 ︎ 2020 ︎ 2020 ︎ 2020 ︎ 2020 ︎ 2020 ︎ 2020 ︎ 



I’ve never been a “new year, new me” kinda gal. I wake up on January 1st and the rent is due, my worries are the same and all of my weight has carried over; its just a regular day.

But as the year where days were far from typical comes to an end, we can all confess excitement towards meeting those old repetitive days once again. Times where the basic flow of daily life were still bumpy, but moved as expected. Hugs were abundant, tasks were limitless and our faces felt free.

Even with all the current restrictions and global health at risk, the switching of the calendar brings that feeling of a fresh start. A restart where all of our baggage does come along, but even thought uncertain, the pages of 2021 are crisp and waiting to be filled.

When I flip back the pages of this exiting year, the lines are wavy and bent, but resting on them are words documenting the moments you helped create. Seconds of vulnerability, truth, anger and compassion, minutes where we felt alone but looked around and met an army. Hours where your love and support lifted not only my spirits, but became the clue to our community. As the reader of these bizarre and beautiful pages, my heart cant help but be consumed by gratitude.

Let's not stamp 2020 only as the year where our middle fingers went up, but where they also linked up to believe in a healthier tomorrow.

Thank you for the love and hello 2021!

Photo by Robert Stark



Lenita Flower truck in Los Angeles
Only time will tell how the year most of us want to forget will be remembered. But for now, as one month remains, we find it hard to believe that 2020 will ever be truly forgettable. There is no hiding that this tumultuous year has already marked the pages of history; but between these troubled lines, there have been notes of fresh air.

Our still bodies got up and marched for justice. Our previously silenced thoughts roared and voted for change. Our egos got shattered by life’s fragility. Our community gave small businesses their shoulders, and our fears served as a mirror, reflecting back our strength.

And in the midst of chaos, as our wheels moved along the PCH, we slid open our doors to peak at the ocean. The road underneath us moved and the breeze between these lines reminded us that even with our restricted faces, our eyes can feel the wind - it's still possible to stop to smell the flores.

Have a safe and happy holiday!
Nemuel + team LENITA



Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases and the new stay at home restrictions in LA, we have decided to end our Santa Monica pop-up earlier than planned and cancel our flower truck pop-ups for the month of December.

While we take a break from the streets for everyone’s safety, pre-orders for flowers, wreaths, and gifts will be available until December 19th for curbside pick-up at our studio or local delivery.
Please visit our shop for order details.

Our flower truck returns in February of next year. Until then, let’s be safe together and thank you for all the love!

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L.A. TImes LENITA Flower Truck in Los Angeles
It’s been almost 4 years since LENITA first graced the streets of Los Angeles. From the beginning, the goal was to celebrate the city and its people.

I chatted with Lisa Boone from the L.A. Times about LENITA’s history and journey so far, and the outcome was a sharp reflection of our mission. To be commemorated by our city’s most prestigious news publication is the completion of one of many full circles yet to come.

This is a celebration of all the places we parked, all the faces we’ve met and all the new ones we’re about to encounter — thank you for being part of our circle!

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2019 ︎ 2019 ︎ 2019 ︎ 2019 ︎ 2019︎ 2019 ︎ 2019 ︎ 2019 ︎ 2019 ︎ 2019 ︎ 2019 ︎ 2019 ︎ 


Nemuel DePaula, Art Director, Flower truck
As a decade drives off into the horizon, I realize that LENITA has graced only 3 of the past 10 years. But the experiences, challenges and lessons learned so far have often given me the feeling that our pink flower truck has been along for the full ten years.

Still I must admit that back in 2010, a flower truck wasn’t even a thought. Slowly over the years, as I maneuvered through this decade, a passion blossomed into reality and LENITA was born. A tribute to my mother, a place to merge all things design and a celebration of places and faces that make Los Angeles a unique compound.

Today, on the last day of 2019, I find myself still trying to figure it out. But what makes this journey into a new shiny decade seem bright is the sole imagery of our seed sprouting and you continuing to be our soil.

Thank you for your love and see you in 2020!

Nemuel’s Instagram ︎
Grita website ︎ 


Flower Truck, LENITA
The most wonderful time of the year has arrived! Along with this cozy holiday feeling comes a blurry state of mind while trying to figure out how another year has flown by. With its end, we look forward to new colors, beginnings, places and faces that will stop by and smell the flores with us in 2020. It's amazing to recall the ground we covered and explored this year. From our 'Los Angeles - Home of LENITA' video to new friends at Tartine Bakery, Zinc Cafe and Alma Backyard Farm, to collabs and pop-ups and our Bandeyra partnership, there is so much to be grateful for.

We've worked from early mornings to late nights, broken down on the highway, added some new parts and recovered from scratches along the way. All that we do and hope to still accomplish leads to our favorite part; you! Thank you to all the shops for saving us a parking spot and to all who stopped by to grab flores, meet our featured artist or simply say hello; LENITA keeps moving because of you.

Join us to wrap up the year as we revisit some of our favorite locations and roll up our sleeves with our friends at Wine Stop and Alchemy Works to create holiday wreath at our workshops happening December 7th and 8th. Come get in on the fun, or stop by to pick up a centerpiece to adorn your holiday dinner at our pop-ups from December 20th-22nd.

Have a stunning holiday season and see you at the flower truck,
Nemuel + Team LENITA

‘Los Angeles, Home of LENITA’ video ︎
Pop-up locations ︎


LENITA BY GRITA, Flower Truck in Los Angeles
LENITA is taking an unexpected full month hiatus from the streets this November. We're doing some private events, special projects and a little bit of traveling that all collided with our weekend pop-ups. Until then, please check out our December pop-ups and wreath workshop information. And don't forget to mark your calendars; we park and open our window again on Saturday, December 7th.

As we prepare to give thanks this month, there are no words to express how grateful we are for all of your visits and for all the shops that allow us to park and invite you to smell the flores. Whether you're celebrating with family or friends, near or far, may friendship and love forever harvest.

Have a stunning Thanksgiving and if you see our pink truck driving by, please honk or give us a gentle wave.

With gratitude,
Nemuel + Team LENITA


Ceramics by Yukari
Brazilian manual artist Danielle Yukari, now New York based (we miss you in Los Angeles!), collabs with LENITA once again by creating The ‘Milkshake Pet Bowl,' named after our pup.

Danielle joined forces with LENITA previously by designing the ‘Dani Vase’, a ceramic vessel specially for the flower truck. These pieces are now available at the truck and online shop.

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2018 ︎ 2018 ︎ 2018 ︎ 2018 ︎ 2018︎ 2018 ︎ 2018 ︎ 2018 ︎ 2018 ︎ 2018 ︎ 2018 ︎ 2018 ︎ 



Nemuel DePaula, Founder of LENITA BY GRITA
When LENITA first graced the streets of Los Angeles, I had no idea what was ahead and, to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. There is no guidebook or flower truck 101. The thing I was certain of was that I wanted to create a project that celebrated all of the things that I love; art, design, flores and the individuals that keep Los Angeles blooming.

From celebrating my mother and all of the women in my life to celebrating the artists, shops and people who stopped by to smell the flores with us, LENITA’s goal is to continue this celebration into the new year.

Regardless of the beat – up, down or somewhere in between, I hope to see you dancing with us.

Thank you and see you in February!


Nemuel’s Instagram ︎
Photo by Alex Bohs ︎



KSwiss Installation by Nemuel DePaula, Founder of LENITA KSwiss Float Installation by Nemuel DePaula, Founder of LENITA
KSwiss celebrates the power of entrepreneurship with their new Heritage collection and LENITA joined the party.

We created two installations that merged the world of LENITA with the iconic style of KSwiss.

KSwiss Instagram ︎



We had a party in celebration of Disposable Magazine’s new issue dedicated to plants featuring LENITA and other creatives.

DJ sets by @caramelo77, @the.alaia and @hotthobo
Video by @alexhohs

Youtube ︎
Disposable Magazine ︎



Alvarenga, Minas Gerais
A few years ago, out of curiosity, Disposable Magazine started a project to see how people were living in other places around the world. They wanted to see what people were wearing, eating, and doing in their daily lives. To answer these questions, they sent a disposable camera to several individuals to document.

The first disposable camera went to an individual in Indonesia. The photos received were so wonderfully unexpected, young people wearing colorful clothing, their environment, their joy.

Pictured: Alvarenga, a municipality in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The hometown Nemuel.

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2017 ︎ 2017 ︎ 2017 ︎ 2017 ︎ 2017︎ 2017 ︎ 2017 ︎ 2017 ︎ 2017 ︎ 2017 ︎ 2017 ︎ 2017 ︎ 



Nemuel, founder of LENITA
Thank you for an incredible year! It wasn't a easy one but your love and support has brought new experiences, new stories, new challenges and many new faces – I can't wait for all the new things still to come.

Happy New Year and please accept my humble wishes of prosperity, good health, tons of flores and much love. 

See you in February!

Nemuel’s Instagram ︎
Photo by Iris Ray ︎



October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we're joining this fight! Stop by our truck throughout the month and pick up a postcard or print by Jamie Collelo with all proceeds to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation; an amazing organization committed to achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer.

Jamie Collelo ︎



LENITA took over Urban Outfitters’s Space15Twenty for a weekend of art installations, workshops, music by Monique Maion and marketplace.

UO Blog ︎
Space15Twenty ︎



Urban Outfitters Flower Truck visit
Urban Outfitters stopped by our studio for a chat.
Visit their blog for a Q+A with founder of LENITA, Nemuel DePaula. 

UO Blog ︎
Space15Twenty ︎

EST. 2017