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Today, the rainbow stripes underneath our feet in gayborhoods across the country are feeling broader, stronger and more colorful than ever; but Pride Boulevard didn’t pave itself. It was constructed by many, such as the folks in the Stonewall uprising, including a drag queen named Marsha P. Johnson, who fought against police raids targeting the queer community in New York bars, thusly birthing the gay liberation movement in the U.S.

Powerful hands from figures like politician Harvey Milk and allies like Princess Diana helped to create bridges along the way. Milk led San Francisco to march for equality while Princess Diana shook the hand of a 32 year old AIDS patient, touching the untouchable and fighting against stigma in the queer community.

The victory in the case of Aimee Stephens, a transgender woman who fought all the way to the Supreme Court against workplace discrimination, brought transformation to legal systems. But the work continues with or without the support from government entities, such as the case of Nik, who with limited resources founded Casa Transformar creating a safe haven for trans folks in Ceará, Brazil.

And on this road of known and unknown faces, we also meet strangers whose bravery cemented every surface. Everyday folks from near and far who faced and continue to encounter discrimination, abandonment, rejection and fear to simply love and be who they are.

This is a community who in the midst of darkness found the courage to pave the way so that anyone who lacked belonging found a path home – whose endless colors and glitter aren't meant to hide the pain, but to celebrate and show how proud and grateful we are.

Love is colorful,



In November of 2017, Nik welcomed a stranger into her home after they'd come out as transgender and found themselves homeless and without a job. She gave them shelter as a gesture of solidarity to her own community. That night not only birthed the foundation of Casa Transformar, but started a family tree of queer folks on a quest for community, love and acceptance.

Located in the suburbs of Fortaleza, Ceará, Casa Transformar has developed into a safe haven for the LGBTQIA+ community, residing in a nation currently holding the top ranking as the deadliest country for trans people. The independent work by Casa Transformar is crucial for the survival of the souls living, learning, and transforming into themselves.

With limited resources and zero funding from the government, Casa Transformar fully operates on donations to maintain their shelter and social programs.

Please click links below to learn more about their work and how to offer support.

Casa Transfomar ︎︎︎
Bloom in Pride ︎︎︎

Photo of Nik, Founder of Casa Transformar by @eiiinatty.


Bloom in Pride LENITA Flower Truck
This Pride Month, LENITA is shining a light on Casa Transformar, an LGBTQIA+ organization in Ceará, Brazil, creating a safe haven for transgender folks.

$5 from each pin sold (online or at our flower truck) gets donated to support the beautiful work they’re doing in the community.

Please visit lenitabygrita.com/pride to learn more about our current beneficiary, their work and how to further contribute to their blooming mission.

Casa Transfomar ︎︎︎
Bloom in Pride ︎︎︎



On the eve of LENITA’s fourth birthday, I find myself taking a trip down memory lane, scrolling all the way back to our first photos on Instagram. As each chunk of images load, so does the nostalgia of moments once lived, now revived.

These early snaps documented our daily movements and now reveal new ways of seeing; challenges we never saw coming, failures that made us question every mile, logistical errors from roads not yet crossed and, in a few instances, bad photography.

But what I find consistent is our favorite part of LENITA; your faces! With every sharp curve or speed bump on the road also came the willpower to turn on our engine in the morning as a celebration of you! Thank you for driving with us into our fifth year, and I hope you continue to be the fuel to our flower truck.

Cheers to another year of flores!

Love, Nemuel