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Flower truck Pop-Up

Flower truck & Flores

Santa Monica
Pop-Up Flower Shop

Thursday & Friday: 10  AM — 3  PM
Saturday & Sunday: 9  AM — 4  PM

1242 20th St, Santa Monica, CA, 90404

Lenita + Nemuel


Created by Nemuel DePaula, LENITA orchestrates his inspirations of flowers and the arts, through GRITA his design studio.
 Born in Alvarenga, a small farm town in Minas Gerais, Brazil, he migrated to the South Shore of Boston along with his family at the age of ten.
At age seventeen he founded GRITA; a design studio now based in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. GRITA works with several prominent creatives including the art-book publisher Taschen; collaborating with artists such as Ren Hang and David LaChapelle.

In 2016, the flower truck was born, purchasing a 91’ Dodge Aeromate truck, tuning it up, filling it with fresh blooms, and inviting neighborhood artisans to show their work. Whenever the feeling of escaping the design routine rises, Nemuel heads to the Los Angeles Flower Market and local farms, hand-ties arrangements and drives around the city making seasonal blooms available to people who, like him, must ‘stop and smell the flores’.

LENITA is named after Nemuel’s mother—for all feminine and effeminate people and personas.

In September of 2020, LENITA by GRITA opened its first pop-up retail shop in Santa Monica, CA.