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If I were to consider each calendar year as a highway, 2022 might as well be a tunnel. In this underpass, every aspect of my work and personal life became dull. The dimmed lights put in place to guide me and all of us when we weren’t strong enough, made me grasp the steering wheel firmer and, at times, simply hold on.

Holding on is a confusing state of being, questioning not only your strength, but also the road you’re on. Wondering if an alternative route was a better path, or if its best to just to exit at the next curve. The curves of this tunnel made me realize that sometimes when you’re feeling numb, you’re forced to be open hearted and learn that without these turns its impossible to determine a safe speed, or prepare for the next bump.

Eyes ahead, I begin to see a light crawling through, brightening all it touches and helping me see better, readjust and regain control. This light not only marks the exiting of a tunnel, but hints at the fresh breeze and scenery yet to come. The road widens and traffic signs become clearer as we choose to glide pass the exit signs and simply keep moving; there is a rest area down the road.

Have a shining new year and thank you for being on this journey with LENITA.

Beijos and see you in 2023!

Photo by Alex Bohs ︎︎︎
Edited by Lo Story Moon ︎︎︎


As we cheer along the soccer games from the World Cup, make a note to grab a complimentary bumper sticker next time you visit the flower truck.

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Kilo is a soccer fanatic year around. His wardrobe consists of many hats and soccer jerseys from teams all over the world. When it came time to design our Copa Caps, we joined forces to capture the spirit of Brazil and celebrate our home country’s five wins.

Because he is a world cup attendee (in both Brazil in 2014 and Russia in 2018), there is no one better we know who experienced the feeling of a crowded stadium cheering on their nation, waiting in the bleachers for the sound of a goal.

Made in small batches by the hands of a family-owned and operated shop in São Paulo, our LENITA x GOIABA Copa hats extend the celebration to our people and beyond. Made by Brazilians for everyone who loves soccer, and loves Brasil.

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Growing up in Brazil gives the FIFA World Cup a different meaning. Every four years, soccer fanatics pause their livelihoods to watch every match, and folks like me who are not normally obsessed; turn into mega fans.

There is something special about watching the national team dressed in verde, amarelo, azul e branco hungry for another title, while the nation is even hungrier. Neighborhoods become festive, bars overflow into the streets, every television set tunes into one channel and the country comes to full-stop dreaming of hexa.

For 90 minutes, a nation so divided by politics and social class manages to put issues aside and together root for one goal. And in this complex year where the most beautiful game comes with several red cards, celebrating turns into awareness as change is the main trophy we're rooting for.


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