The journey through 2021 has left us with motion sickness. The word normal struggles to find its comfort again as we continue to learn to rest in discomfort as the world relearns how to spin.

When midnight arrives and 2021 is behind us, what will we have learned? In my own personal year, for every thing that went right, three seemed to go wrong. One door would open and several seemed to close. I believed in bigger things and somehow stood microscopically still.

Giving ourselves credit for where we stand in life is extremely difficult. Part of not drowning in discomfort is being able to come up for fresh air. To be able to look at the one thing that did go right, and celebrate. To pat yourself on the back for generating willpower to still be standing. To believe that the best is yet to come.

And as I sit with the light and heavy receipts of this ending year, I've learned that sitting is ok — that even though our legs haven't been in constant movement, they’re preparing to sprint.

Thank you for standing with LENITA, and have a healthy new year!

Love, Nemuel

Portrait by Alex Bohs 

EST. 2017