Sheewa Saleh, Lenita By Grita
Sheewa Saleh is the Home Marketing Manager for Urban Outfitters and responsible for Lenita’s participation in Space 15 Twenty. She’s an overall content creator working with several different artist and brands and may be seen with a disposable camera at any given time. 


Sheewa Salehi
Urban Outfitters Home Marketing Manager / Long Beach
Fun fact:
Loves her pup Louis. Sophomore year in high school, she played the electric violin in marching band to Moulin Rouge's El Tango De Roxanne. It was a moment in time.

You recently launched a monthly pop-up called ‘Flower Shop’ in Long Beach. How did it go?

It looked stunning! It was great! Having the opportunity to connect with the community using flowers, art and music was a truly special experience.

What’s your favorite part about creating content and programming for UO?

I'm fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with inspiring individuals on a daily basis. The most rewarding aspect is connecting with them and making a little magic happen together.

Lenita’s pop-up at Space 15 Twenty had a few different elements; is there one in particular you loved?

 Nemuel puts so much time and detail into all of his work, it's hard to pinpoint one. But, I LOVED the CMYK wall. It was an incredible abstract visual. Also, let us not forget about the lady of the hour, Milkshake. She brought all of the boys to the yard. (Editor's note: Milkshake is Nemuel's gorgeous pup).

You’re an amazing curator with impeccable taste; what are a few blogs, sites or brands you’re inspired by?

My top five right now are Reomodelista, Apartmento, SF Girl by Bay, Into The Gloss and Lisa Says Gah.

What is the best and worst part of growing up in Nevada?

The best is the desert landscapes and sunsets. The worst is definitely the strip.

Open ended: Leave Lenita a poem, a song, a few sentences, a thought.

Rose are Red, Violets are Blue, I'm so lucky to have crossed paths with a fellow LEO like you!

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