Mckay Nield, Lenita by Grita
McKay Nield has been present since Lenita was simply a thought. Back in the truck searching days, McKay assisted in driving almost two hours away to check out a potential vehicle for this project. From lending equipment for photo-shoots to showing up to Lenita’s events, McKay has a constant and positive ‘how may I help?' attitude. 


McKay Nield
Android & Femmebot / Los Angeles
Fun fact:
Loves dancing, dirt and body liberation!

 Back in December of 2016 you drove to Ventura to check out a truck that could possibly become LENITA. There were several signs that it clearly wasn’t the one but we persisted. Could you tell right away it wasn’t the right fit or did you have hope?

Ah, hunting for Lenita was such a giddy adventure! Nemuel found this old beat up ice cream rig painted in pastel stripes that squealed Lenita joy but lacked Lenita finesse, which we learned the hard way as the damn thing broke down on us three times en route to the auto body shop pre-sale (followed by a hike to a gas station, a few colorful characters on the way and later, a battle with a rain storm!) In retrospect, that test truck was the rough draft — the gritty work required to eventually get to the real deal. The truck Nemuel ultimately chose was just playing hard to get and, like lots of real love, completely worth the wait.

From that trip to Ventura to now - LENITA’s one-year celebration - do you have a favorite moment?

My favorite Lenita moment is anytime I stumble into Nemuel’s truck or kitchen to find him completely surrounded by a giant explosion of wild plants, casually crafting away like a godly good witch in a mystical forest. Sounds hyperbolic but y’all, it’s magic. That shit glimmers!

'Peasant’ was featured in LENITA for the MaRS Gallery Book Zine Fair and they were such a perfect fit – what’s the core of their performance or identity?

Peasant is an art project that challenges binaries and explores liminal spaces. Using eco feminism, permaculture and the occult, Peasant navigates the vertigo of existing betwixt and between any two points, a disorientation rooted in the queer experience, from which can emerge new possibilities. So much of this work has to do with the earth, so pairing up with the wild floral offerings of Lenita worked so well! And Lenita is named for Nemuel’s mother, which is such a gorgeous celebration of the femme!

What book are you currently reading?

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Toni Morrison called it required reading so what choice did I have!

Open ended: Leave Lenita a poem, a song, a few sentences, a thought.

This is a story about a girl named Lenita. Early morning, she wakes up. Knock, knock, knock on the door.... (soft fade to Britney, circa 2000).

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