Kemuel DePaula, Lenita Flower Truck
Kemuel is the son of Lenita, brother to Leticia and twin of Nemuel. He has seen LENITA go through every step of the transformation and has assisted in countless pop-ups, photos, video shoots and technical tasks like cutting holes in LENITA’s metal shelves to hold buckets and making our ‘Stop and smell the flores’ easel sign. Kemuel supported the project financially in various levels and is responsible for LENITA’s mechanical work and memorable moments like its first full tank of gas and our hats. Kilo’s love and support for this project is a daily reminder to try, fail, succeed and keep going.     


Kemuel ‘Kilo’ DePaula
Local 80 Grip / Los Angeles
Fun fact:
I am a twin, I love soccer and peanut butter ice cream.

"the fifa world cup is a month away and you leave for russia soon to see the games in person. You’re rooting for brasil to take home the cup but if they don’t, what team do you predict will?

If brazil doesn’t win in russia, I predict that Spain, Germany, Belgium or France could win out of the 32 countries participating. However, I would love to see a first time winner take the cup instead.

If you could only keep one soccer jersey for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

I would choose the Cruzeiro Esporte Clube 2016 home jersey. I like it because Umbro took over as the sponsor and the jersey has a classic look to it. It reminds me of the jerseys they used to wear in the late 90’s when I became a fan.

Los Angeles has a new soccer team - LAFC - and you’ve attended some of the games and even took Lenita (the inspiration for the truck) to one of them. How did that feel?

Taking Lenita to her first professional soccer game was really special! It was Mother’s Day and I tried to keep the game a surprise but had to break the news to her because she didn’t want to leave the flower truck to go “home.” Ha - classic mom move! Once we got there, she loved the crowd noise, Olly (a falcon that flies around the center pitch as a pregame ritual) and the goals. Mom had such a good time that she said next time she comes to Los Angeles we have to plan her visit around a game! Ole ole ole oleeee olee oleee! She is totally hooked!  

You were present in every step of LENITA’s transformation into a flower truck. From coming to view the vehicle for purchase to one of the last steps of getting fresh tires, do you have a favorite moment that’s stuck with you?

The transformation moment that stuck with me most was the paint job. The one thing I know for sure Nemuel didn’t get wrong was the color and the design. The truck was a perfect match for the pink! Pink was a perfect match for the design elements and the black lettering visually sucks you in.

If you were to give LENITA a yellow card, what would it be for?
(Editor’s note: Yellow cards are used as a means to discipline players for misconduct during a soccer game)

My yellow card would go up for trying to sell flowers on a Monday. No one buys flowers on Mondays!  

A song for LENITA.
I’m leaving LENITA with ‘Resolution’ by John Coltrane

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