Gabby Waring, Lenita Flower Truck
Gabby is a huge cheerleader of this project. She’s seen it come to life and helped in every aspect from day one. From assisting on video shoots to breaking down at the end of day, Gabby is always a present force. Aside from her love and dedication, she’s constantly purchasing LENITA, not only for her home but also as gifts.  


Gabby Waring
Social Worker / Los Angeles
 Fun fact:
Nemuel and I have a relationship based on a love of food and flowers.

You’ve witnessed LENITA from the LOGO stages to a moving vehicle, do you have a favorite moment?

I think seeing this idea on a wall come to fruition has been amazing. My favorite moment was when two girls came to the truck from like an hour away just to by flores. It’s been amazing seeing how people respond to LENITA and ultimately Nemuel.

‘Work for flores’ is a slogan you came up with when you jumped in to assist in the truck and you’ve done it all! From co-pilot to arranging blooms to assisting customers; what areas do you feel like you succeed most at?

I would say arranging blooms and interacting with people. For me, it’s so different than what my daily life is like and gives me the opportunity to be a part of something so creative. I feel lucky to get to be part of LENITA’s story.

What's the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the last decade?

To not take anything for granted and to celebrate every moment. And I think that at the core, that’s what LENITA’s about - just sharing the love of these women in his life and flores. You can just feel it.

Are you able to name a few organizations you work with that are doing great work? And how can the general public participate/donate?

Of course! I feel really proud to be a part of the work that is going on locally. A project I am really excited about is with a local group that is so passionate and wants to support their community called African Coalition. I always have a soft spot for Downtown Women’s Center and the work they do to help women improve their lives. If you want to donate or volunteer, please visit their websites.

There are always fresh flowers in your home (usually LENITA). What other essentials adorn your home constantly?

Always LENITA! I not jokingly have purchased the first subscription. I can’t live without candles and blankets. I recently moved, so adding color has been fun. I’m really a fan of layers. I think it makes it feel like home.

Do you love the LENITA logo?

Haha! Now I do. Nemuel gave me a hard time because at first I wasn’t sold but when he told me the meaning, he got me hooked. I think that’s what I enjoy most about LENITA, taking flores from the simple to the ornate and giving them meaning and a story.

Open ended: Leave LENITA a poem, a song, a few sentences, a thought or nothing.

Beauty and heart. It can be felt in all that you do. Keep on blooming, love.

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