Danielle Yukari, Lenita Flower Truck
Danielle Yukari is a Brazilian manual artist featured in LENITA with her brand Yūkari. Her ‘Dani Vase’ is only available at the flower truck and is our first artist product collaboration. 


Danielle Yukari
Ceramic Artist / From São Paulo, living in Los Angeles
 Fun fact:
I am all about colors

You are new to Los Angeles from Sao Paulo; what do you love about LA?

The landscape here still catches my eye everyday, especially at sunrise and sunset.

If someone is visiting Sao Paulo, what are a few places they have to check out?

There are really good classical music concerts at Sala São Paulo, the architecture is beautiful and the prices are super reasonable. MASP and Pinacoteca are the two main museums in the city that are both worth a visit. Walking downtown is going to show you the old architecture of the city. There are a few good buildings to explore: CCBB, Paço das Artes, Teatro Municipal, Copan and others. If you go to the Louvre building, check out this shop in the gallery: "Soyvos" and "ÃO." They are two friends' brands that have a studio/shop there (but reach them before you go, because it is by appointment only).

"A Baianeira" is a good Brazilian restaurant that I saw opening in my old neighborhood a couple years ago. The owners run the small business themselves and make really good Brazilian food using organic ingredients. Everything is cooked with care. Try their "pão de queijo"(cheese bread) with drip coffee, feijoada or moqueca for lunch and ganache with cupuaçu cream for dessert.

We have the ‘Dani Vase’ featured in the LENITA flower truck that you design and hand make. For someone who doesn’t know the process, how long does it take from beginning to end?

Besides time of concept creation, the entire process to make one ceramic piece takes at least one week. A small object like 'Dani Vase' needs about two days to dry, but a bigger or more delicate piece sometimes needs more than one week to be ready for the first firing. After bisqued, I will glaze and fire it again. Each fire takes about ten hours to reach the right temperature and another ten hours to cool down.

Do you have a movie you watch on repeat?

Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola. I love to play it while I am working at the wheel. The soundtrack is so good and reminds me of my time in college.

Open ended: Leave Lenita a poem, a song, a few sentences, a thought or nothing. 

Meeting Nemuel and working with Lenita has been one of the best things about life in LA for me. I always say I could live in his truck because it  always smells so good. I am grateful to be part of Lenita in some way, to collab and create ceramic materials for his inspiring flower arrangements. It is about filling a house, heart and soul with flowers.

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