I’ve never been a “new year, new me” kinda gal. I wake up on January 1st and the rent is due, my worries are the same and all of my weight has carried over; its just a regular day.

But as the year where days were far from typical comes to an end, we can all confess excitement towards meeting those old repetitive days once again. Times where the basic flow of daily life were still bumpy, but moved as expected. Hugs were abundant, tasks were limitless and our faces felt free.

Even with all the current restrictions and global health at risk, the switching of the calendar brings that feeling of a fresh start. A restart where all of our baggage does come along, but even thought uncertain, the pages of 2021 are crisp and waiting to be filled.

When I flip back the pages of this exiting year, the lines are wavy and bent, but resting on them are words documenting the moments you helped create. Seconds of vulnerability, truth, anger and compassion, minutes where we felt alone but looked around and met an army. Hours where your love and support lifted not only my spirits, but became the clue to our community. As the reader of these bizarre and beautiful pages, my heart cant help but be consumed by gratitude.

Let's not stamp 2020 only as the year where our middle fingers went up, but where they also linked up to believe in a healthier tomorrow.

Thank you for the love and hello 2021!


Photo by Robert Stark