Nemuel DePaula, Art Director, Flower truck
As a decade drives off into the horizon, I realize that LENITA has graced only 3 of the past 10 years. But the experiences, challenges and lessons learned so far have often given me the feeling that our pink flower truck has been along for the full ten years.

Still I must admit that back in 2010, a flower truck wasn’t even a thought. Slowly over the years, as I maneuvered through this decade, a passion blossomed into reality and LENITA was born. A tribute to my mother, a place to merge all things design and a celebration of places and faces that make Los Angeles a unique compound.

Today, on the last day of 2019, I find myself still trying to figure it out. But what makes this journey into a new shiny decade seem bright is the sole imagery of our seed sprouting and you continuing to be our soil.

Thank you for your love and see you in 2020!

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Due to Covid-19, our flower truck is off the streets. Until we return, blooms and other objects are available for pre-order with weekend curbside pick-up at our studio in the Arts District, Downtown. Click on Drive-In (shop) for more info. Be well, be safe!