Lenita Flower truck in Los Angeles
Only time will tell how the year most of us want to forget will be remembered. But for now, as one month remains, we find it hard to believe that 2020 will ever be truly forgettable. There is no hiding that this tumultuous year has already marked the pages of history; but between these troubled lines, there have been notes of fresh air.

Our still bodies got up and marched for justice. Our previously silenced thoughts roared and voted for change. Our egos got shattered by life’s fragility. Our community gave small businesses their shoulders, and our fears served as a mirror, reflecting back our strength.

And in the midst of chaos, as our wheels moved along the PCH, we slid open our doors to peak at the ocean. The road underneath us moved and the breeze between these lines reminded us that even with our restricted faces, our eyes can feel the wind - it's still possible to stop to smell the flores.

Have a safe and happy holiday!
Nemuel + team LENITA