Since March, we’ve been stuck at an intersection observing the world struggle to stand by. While we waited for a green signal, we witnessed everything from mass uncertainty to the marching for justice inspired by Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

In preparation to hit the gas pedal, we cracked our windows, only to find a heavy breeze standing still, ash floating in the air, and crosswalks once asleep - awoke again. Our hearts are heavy, hands untrained and a global pandemic still visible in every attempt to return to life; so why go back?

We return for a recharge of everything paused, for the hope to spread beauty, to revisit familiar places, faces we've missed. And even though normal will forever have new meaning, we go back looking for signs to affirm that we're going to be ok.

But as we buckle up and retrain our muscles, one thing remains the same; the fear of what the next intersection holds. All we can hope to believe, is that as long as we have each other, as long as we continue to drift forward, we’ll find courage.

See you on the streets,Nemuel + Team LENITA

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