Los Angeles Flower Truck Lenita by Grita
Summer is here bringing a gentle reminder that hot days are ahead and that half of the year is now behind us. As we prepare for a summer break in August, we give our thanks to the many faces who stopped for a visit so far and to all the places that saved LENITA a parking spot.

Our hiatus from the streets is simply a refresh button, a moment to stop, refine and plan the months to come. We're already working on workshops, pop-ups and collabs to fill our calendar as we return on Saturday, September 7th.

We can already feel our hearts missing the warm August weekends with you, but until then LENITA is moving strong trough the month of July. Ceramic artist Francis River joins us as we meet new faces at Lunya in Santa Monica and Jonathan Adler on Melrose. We return to Little Ripper in Glassell Park and Sundays in our neighborhood at Alchemy Works.

We wish you a stunning summer and dont let the heat make you forget to 'stop and smell the flores'!
Nemuel + Team LENITA

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