Los Angeles Flower Market
For the past two years, in the dawn of morning, we are up and headed to the Los Angeles Flower Market. Once there, we spontaneously choose the most unique and wild variety of flowers to fill our flower truck. But even before we arrive, vendors, farmers, drivers and several other hands have been hard at work at the country's largest flower market district.

Our mornings begin with a celebration of the city and the people that keep it moving. From every shop LENITA parks at to every face that stops by the truck, to all the small businesses waking up and taking a similar route, we celebrate you!

And it's with this spirit of celebration that we're thrilled to participate in the 9th Annual LA Design Festival, a celebration of Los Angeles best along with some national and worldwide design culture happening at ROW. Our featured artist of the month, Sko Habib and LENITA, join in collaboration

In this broad city where cultures, beliefs and dreams meet, we hope you can join us as we continue to celebrate Los Angeles, home of LENITA.

Thank you LA,
Nemuel + Team LENITA

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