Elizabeth Roos, Lenita Flower Truck
Elizabeth Ross has seen LENITA go from concept to completion. She’s supported financially and has been a positive force trough the development and roll out of this project.


Elizabeth Roos
Entrepreneur / Mandeville, LA
Fun fact:
Loves Traveling, Cooking and Nature

You’ve witnessed the process of the truck since day one, but from a distance. This Mother’s Day, on our one year anniversary, you got to see it in action; what did you think of it?

I thought the Lenita truck should move to New Orleans! Kidding aside, the truck looked absolutely incredible. I loved seeing all the photos, but in person the truck and flower arrangements look even more impressive. I still remember sitting at home with Leticia (Nemuel’s sister) and looking at all sorts of old trucks that could be converted into a LENITA truck; then looking at photos of the painting/set up process; then seeing LENITA’s debut via FaceTime and stalking @LenitabyGrita on Instagram. It feels like it all happened yesterday, and Nemuel has really put in a lot of thought and effort into every little detail. Everything about the Lenita truck has been done in such an unique and creative way.

Like LENITA, you also recently started a new business, Bluejay Stones. What is the most rewarding part of it and what’s the one part you wish wasn’t on your to-do list.

The most rewarding part of it is definitely seeing each individual project come together at the end, and knowing that we have done everything within our powers to help create a unique space our customers love. The kitchen is where I spend most of my time at home - and I absolutely love it. To me there is something special about being a part of creating that space in which so many memories will be shared by our customers and their families.

The part I wish wasn’t on my to-do list is definitely handling the books (mostly receivables - I absolutely hate bothering people to ask for checks and credit cards). I’d say that about 90% of our jobs get personal - we get to know our customers, and feel confident that we will be paid what we are due. I am always afraid of offending them when I have to make those calls reminding them of a balance due. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen very often.

Cooking is something you enjoy and do well! Living in Louisiana, what’s your favorite southern food to make?

That is definitely a tough one… I’d say Jambalaya. I love to cook different things throughout the week, but I don’t like to be wasteful and Jambalaya gives me the perfect opportunity because I can just throw whatever is left in the fridge in the mix. It’s also super fast and tastes delicious.

What’s a condiment you cant live without?

MAYO. I literally put it on everything you could think of… I even put it on my popcorn as a child.

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“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.”
- John Lennon

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