Andres Simone, Lenita Flower Truck
Andrew (aka ‘Cousin Andy’) Simone has assisted on everything from photo-shoots to scrubbing down the inside of the truck. We’ve also spent hours sharing ideas over ‘Wine Nights’ and he’s constantly showing up to our events to purchase flores for his home and eat his lunch in the front seat.


Andrew Simone
Set Lighting Electrician / Los Angeles
Fun fact:
Loves Old Bay on french fries

In a month you’ll be starting a bicycle ride in honor of your mother to raise money for ovarian cancer research through the OCRFA Foundation. How nervous are you? Do you stop to think about the scale of it?

Yea, next month I'll set out on a 2409 mile bicycle tour. I feel oddly calm even though I've never done anything like this before. I'm sure I'll have a Kanye-style breakdown sooner or later, so stay posted for that!

Lenita is named after a mother and it’s a celebration of this strong figure we grow up with and love. When did you realize how cool, strong and powerful your mother was.

I was spoiled and kind of always knew how special my mom was. She was just one of those people that you gravitate towards because of the love that she radiated.

You’re a frequent customer of LENITA as well, what’s been your favorite purchase?

That's not a fair question because each new purchase at LENITA always ends up becoming my new favorite. But what I love about a LENITA bouquet is you can feel the passion and emotion put into each arrangement. I've just always thought of bouquets as a nice but materialistic gesture that you buy from the grocery store to gift to someone. LENITA has given arrangements and bouquets a soul.

Describe your fashion sense in one word?


Open ended: Leave Lenita a poem, a song, a few sentences, a thought .

   "Thank you for the flowers" is what i say
But the bouquet I just bought, is much more than those five words.
It's an expression of yourself, a mood in which you've dealt, an emotion you've expressed, it's hope.
Because something that captivating can't be dying.
Yet right before my eyes lies the paradox

You may follow Andrew’s Mama’s Ride journey at @hydrostapler and donate to his fundraiser using the link in bio.

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