Lenita Flower Truck
Lenita was born in Ecoporanga, Espirito Santo, Brazil and lived most of her life in Alvarenga, Minas Gerais. She’s one of ten children, 5 males and 5 females whose parents were traveling missionaries. Lenita is the mother of Leticia, Nemuel and Kemuel and the core inspiration behind LENITA BY GRITA. 


Lenita Alves
Mother of Leticia, Nemuel and Kemuel
Lives in Massachussets

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

My days on the farm when we played with the animals and gardened – I loved to garden. My father was a pastor and traveled a lot; whenever he would return from a trip we’d be eager to hear his stories. Most of his journey was made on horseback and even the shortest trips felt too long. My mother loved to hear me sing and she made all my dolls. Overall, my childhood was very humble and we didn’t have much but there was plenty of love to go around.

Your sister’s names all end in “ita” (Thalita, Carmelita, Carmozita, Lenita and Rezonita) was it ever confusing with such a large household?

No, not at all. We all loved our names and it was fun to have them all match. It also generated some fun nicknames for a few of us.

What’s your favorite part of LENITA Flower Truck?

I love it all! I love flowers myself and have several plants at home. It’s also a very meaningful project for Nemuel and his sister Leticia and twin brother Kemuel, who have been the biggest supporters of the flower truck. Seeing them all work together and believe in each other brings me eternal joy. I’m very honored and grateful to have the truck named after me; it’s a beautiful tribute.

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