The rule of threes; Kelly, Beyoncé and Michelle, the strongest geometrical shape, Musketeers, Little Pigs, Powerpuff Girls, a father, a son and a holy spirit, primary colors, tricycles, bronze, silver and gold - trinity has proven it's presence regardless of it’s popularity.

LENITA has driven through the tight and wide roads of its third year, and just like the shape of this number, it was a year full of curves. As the world continues to fight a pandemic, we know the recovery journey for our flower truck along with so many other local friends will be bumpy. We're entering the highway of our fourth year with every uncertainty possible, but our seat belts are fastened, radio blasting, a full tank and on our dashboard, tiny bobble heads of every face that continue to 'stop and smell the flores.'

Leticia (my sister), myself and Kemuel (my twin brother), Lenita's trio, would like to wish all the moms an incredible Mother's Day. LENITA is not only a tribute to our mother, but to all the strong women who birthed generations and continue to carry life; we exist because of you, our muses.

Thank you, and may this trilogy have many more sequels,Nemuel  +  team LENITA

LENITA is temporarily closed until further notice in an effort to help contain the spread of COVID-19.