Lenita Flower Truck By Grita
Looking down from a plane’s window provides the same feeling as standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon; we are microscopic. The grid of the city slowly fades away and the edge of the ocean merges with the blue sky. In the midst of this global epidemic, I braved LAX to jet across the country to be with Lenita, my mother and the inspiration behind our flower truck.

The journey this time around felt different; my actions cautious and silence has never felt louder. Landscapes felt bigger, details sharper, clouds chunkier and uncertainty filed the air. It’s ironic that a microscopic infectious agent has generated such chaos, fear and an instant reminder of life’s fragility.

Covid-19 reminds us that regardless of where our feet stand, we are all vulnerable. Tomorrow carries a mysterious spirit, but I hope that along with it comes the strength to rebuild a kinder humanhood.

Be well and let's take care of one another!
Nemuel + Team LENITA

LENITA is temporarily closed until further notice in an effort to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

Cloud  photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash