Danielle Yukari, Ceramic Artist
Danielle Yukari is a Brazilian manual artist, based in Los Angeles, who works mainly with ceramics but also with knitting, embroidery and clothing. She has collaborated with LENITA before creating the Dani Vase, available only at our online shop and truck.

Read our Q+A with Danielle below and learn more about this month's featured artist.


Danielle Yukari
Silver Lake, Los Angeles
Ceramic Artist

You recently saw snow for the first time, how did it feel?

It was magical. Being from a tropical country, the image of everything covered in white is distant from my reality. Seeing snowflakes falling down slowly made me feel like time had stopped for a moment.

The Academy Awards just happened. If you could give a Brazilian film an Oscar, who would you choose?

Aquarius, from Kleber Mendonça Filho. It is so refreshing!

Are you discovering new techniques or trends in ceramics after moving to Los Angeles?

For sure. Everyday I find out something new in this field and that is what keeps moving me - the feeling that I can learn for the rest of my life.

Do you have a favorite piece from your own collection?

I don't have a favorite. Every piece I make is created carefully; I really think about how that piece makes me feel, about the shape, color and even composition in space. So, in the end, they are all my favorites.

You practice several art forms, is there an area or topic you’d like to explore further?

I want to go bigger with my pieces. Everything I have created in my life tends to be small; I have tons of small papers, pocket notebooks, mini drawings, paintings, embroideries and objects. Going bigger on ceramics is about skills, but for me it’s also a matter of working with my ghosts.

Two months down in 2019 and 10 more to go. What’s ahead?

My head is already in August! I am starting to work on a big commissioned order that is going to keep me pretty busy for the next two months. After that, I have a trip to Brazil to visit my family and friends, and then Europe this summer. Also, being able to fire at my own studio now makes everything easier, so I want to explore bigger sizes and some wall pieces in my next series.

Current faves:

Color: Pink with Red
Flower: Protea
Movie: Chungking Express
Fruit: Fig
Artist: Wolfgang Tillmans

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