Lenita Pink, Flower Truck
The moment LENITA became a concept, pink became her color! The decal placement went trough various stages, the variations in color profiles were endless, and the auto body shop attempted four custom swatches until the perfect LENITA pink bloomed.

Historically, there is so much to be said about the color pink. From the marbles of Versailles' The Grand Trianon to the pages of BUTT Magazine, to the glow of Marilyn's dress in 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' to a soccer field scattered in pink by Barcelona's players uniforms, to Princess Peach from Super Mario, the transgender flag, Sheila Bretteville's 'Pink Poster' to Barbie's world to 'millennial pink'; this shade of red is for everyone!

For LENITA, pink is powerful and timeless. A tone that in the 20th century was cast under the shadow of ladylike, homosexuality and all things feminine. It's a symbol of hope as we push for the shift in the minds of political leaders such as Damares Alves, a minister in Brazil who recently claimed "Boys wear blue and girls wear pink." It's a right that no color defines someones identity, but instead, continues to celebrate diversity, strength and a cure for the future.

See you at the pink flower truck!
Nemuel + team LENITA

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