Stop and smell the flores, LENITA BY GRITA
In a single minute we can ‘heart' several pictures, texts and posts from strangers, friends, family, cute animals and even a cherry shaped toilet brush. We swipe full and broken hearts from left to right, can detect a fetal heartbeat at about 5-6 weeks of gestation and can purchase pretty much anything in the shape of a heart. In this way, love seems very instant.

Whether Valentine's Day is your favorite holiday or the silliest of them all, it's the day society has chosen to celebrate the feeling of love. History and current events have clearly showed that society isn't always moving in the right direction, or as quickly as tapping a heart icon; but we can only dream and work together in re-shaping it. This kind of love wont be instant, but the 'liking' can start now.

LENITA is back from a winter break and ready to see your faces. We hope you can stop by for flores to celebrate a lover, a friend, a sister, a brother a neighbor or a stranger, but most importantly, to celebrate and love yourself.

Beijos and see you at the flower truck!
Nemuel + team Lenita

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